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Scenic Supplies Plus are suppliers of Scenic paint and Chroma key paint products to TV studios and Feature Film productions. If you are an Art Director, Construction Buyer, HOD Scenic Painter or Studio please contact us directly for expert help and competitive pricing. As well as paint Scenic Supplies Plus can offer coatings for model and prop making as well as a range of scenic materials.

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Scenic Supplies Plus are leading suppliers of high-quality scenic paint and accessories, the products we supply are produced to professional standards by the leading worldwide scenic paint manufacturers. High end manufacturing is supported by our in-house Theatre, TV & Film experts who will help ensure we match you with the right product for your job.

If you need further support with the process, then please get in touch with our resident experts.

About us - Leading professional paint supplier

Scenic Supplies Plus is the newest supplier of Scenic paint and Chroma Key paint in the UK, backed with years of industry knowledge and experience in the Theatrical and TV / Film markets. A young forward-thinking company who provides solutions to Scenic Artists, Head Painters and studios across the UK.

Founded by stage lighting and build experts, Scenic Supplies Plus strives to offer an unbeatable level of support to ensure the quality of your end result matches expectations. If you need support of guidance through the purchase cycle, please get in touch with our resident experts.